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LaBraid Butter Braids and Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Our next fundraising opportunity begins on September 8th, offering LaBraid Butter Braids and Cookie Dough! Year after year, these continue to be one of our most sought out sales!

You will receive 50% of the profit for the list price on each item. LaBraid offers us a 40% profit, which means you will earn 20% towards your student accounts. In example, if you sell one Cinnamon Butter Braid for $13, you have earned $2.60 for that item.
The items included in this sale are perishable and need to be refrigerated; we do not have the storage capability so be advised the pick up window for this is imperative.

LaBraid Butter Braids and Cookie Dough (Direct Sale Only: No Online)

Sale Dates: 9/8-9/22
Turn In Date: Order forms and Payment 9/22-Checks Made Payable to Andrew Music Parent, No Cash
Pick Up: 10/2 3:30pm-5pm North Entrance (Pond)

LaBraid 2015 Fundraiser 2011-2015.